emily t. wierenga

 Emily T. Wierenga is a former editor, freelance writer, and columnist and has written for numerous Christian publications. Emily's first novel, A Promise in Pieces, released in April 2014.  She is wife to a math-teacher husband, mother, and foster mother. The Wierengas make their home in Neerlandia, Alberta, Canada. Says Emily, "Each night when our children are tucked between their sheets my husband will say, 'Come, let’s see how the children are growing,' and we’ll slip on our shoes and walk to the large triangular plot of earth that runs along our house. ...he’s talking about the corn, the tomatoes, the carrots and raspberries and the squash... We walk the rows hand-in-hand, and finish the day picking peas and weeding the strawberries. It’s easy to pray as the soil runs through my fingers, it’s easy to love when the kids run barefoot through the dirt, it’s easy to say grace for the food grown from the mere drop of a seed." Visit Emily on the Web at www.emilywierenga.com

Emily's writing desk.

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