deborah raney

Deborah Raney enjoys writing in the gardens tended by her artist husband, Ken. The Raneys recently moved to the city after many years at their little house on the prairie in small-town Kansas. They are enjoying the challenge of city gardening and love hosting their four kids and a growing brood of grandchildren. A Vow to Cherish, Deb's first novel, was the inspiration for the World Wide Pictures award-winning film of the same title. She's now working on her thirtieth novel and her newest, Two Roads Home, the second in her Chicory Inn Novels series, will release in June 2015. Visit Deb's website at

Planting a shade garden under the deck is the newest garden project. 
More photos of the Raney's gardens at A Kansas Prairie Garden.
Though perfect weather days are rare in Kansas, Deb writes outside in
the fresh air whenever possible. 
Deb's favorite part of her office is the coffee bar.
For a tour of the office


Tamera said...

Does your husband hire out to plan gardens? And is he willing to fly to TN? ;)

Ane Mulligan said...

I want to come write in your back yard! Mine's just full of trees and trees. That's all we can grow. When you have a 135 pound puppy tearing through the yard, you have dirt - no grass lives with those paws. :o)

Deborah Raney said...

Tamera, no, sorry, he's all mine. Although if you fly him to TN and take him out for a nice dinner, he might consider drawing a couple of graden sketches for you. ; )

And Ane, "trees and trees" are nice! You are welcome to come write in my back yard any time you like! Just call first so I can put the coffee pot on. : )

Eileen Astels Watson said...

Your gardens are beautiful, Deborah.

My hubby is outside right now working on our flagstone patio. It needs a little face lift now and again. This time he's lifting the stones and laying garden plastic beneath it, then resetting the stones and cementing inbetween them. Hopefully that'll finally stop the weeds from invading our patio.

Deborah Raney said...

Thanks, Eileen. And we've wondered if we might need to reset the stones at some point. We kind of like the rustic, uneven look, and since we're not trying to balance any garden furniture on our patio we're hoping we can get by without cement. So far the sand (we laid the stones on about 8 inches of sand) has done the trick. The only "weed" we've let grow is the Dahlberg daisies which popped up between several of the pavers. They are charming!

So glad you enjoyed browsing the gardens of my novelist friends!

pat jeanne said...

Your site is so gorgeous, Deb. I love your flower gardens and all the other ones, too. The verse in Isa. 61:10,11 is one I've used in my newest novel which has landscape gardens as the setting for part of the story. I'd love to be included in the drawing for the week of May 4 for your recent set of books. Thank you. Pat D.

Carly Kendall said...

I love the way those wildflowers look next to the perfectly manicured lawn. So pretty!

Daisy Ruth Roberts said...

HI Deb, Your yard looks beautiful! I wish we could have stopped by for your garage sale. Jim was out of town and we were painting--at least those of us 6 and up :D Happy Day!

Carrie Turansky said...

I love these photos of your gardens! This blog is so fun to visit! Thanks for inviting us to share our gardens with friends and readers.

Mocha with Linda said...

I want to come sit in your garden with you! I know we'd have a delightful time chatting!

It's absolutely gorgeous!

Susan said...

Thanks, Deborah, for inviting us to see the creativity you all have displayed in your gardens. I only wish I had the patience to plant things and watch them grow into something so lovely! It's been fun commenting back & forth with you on Facebook lately.

Amber S. said...

The pictures are really lovely! I love all the color! And that's so neat that one of your books was made into a movie!

The Stinson Family said...

I love all the color. Your backyard is beautiful!

Jo said...

Oh what a relaxing yard that is. I want to come in and sit and just relax and chat. Looks like such a beautiful place to just spend quiet time as well as entertain.