jennifer slattery

Besides her novels, Jennifer Slattery, author of When Dawn Breaks, writes columns and devotions, and manages social media and a blog for an Omaha Metro ministry that serves the working poor and homeless. She and her family garden inside the city limits. "We love living on the golf course with its beautiful views, and we enjoy maintaining a colorful flower garden. But trying to grow anything edible can be a challenge as we don't have or want a fence, and we have some very hungry furry friends. My solution: grow herbs and strawberries in pots on our porch. So far, this has worked out great, so I plan to expand my efforts. I told my husband, by the end of the summer, our porch might be covered in potted plants! So long as I allow him to taste the produce, I doubt he'll mind." Learn more at

Jennifer's office in her Nebraska home.

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