dan walsh

Dan Walsh's debut novel The Unfinished Gift is set on the homefront during World War II, a week before Christmas. It hit the shelves in September 2009 and Dan's been writing ever since. He lives in the Daytona Beach area with his wife of more than 30 years, Cindi. Dan and Cindi have lived in the same home since 1985, adding on here and there. They enjoy the pool and garden courtyard, especially when the night-blooming jasmine is in full bloom. Dan says his role in their gardening efforts is mainly providing sweat and backaches. He credits Cindi for everything worthwhile. But he loves what she's done and says it has made for a wonderful place to write and pray. Check out Dan's website at www.danwalshbooks.com

Living in Florida, Dan gets to set up office under a shaded awning
near the pool (with his writing buddy, Darcy, under the table).


Cindy Thomson said...

Your garden looks very peaceful. Your book sounds really interesting. Congrats on your first release!

Anonymous said...

Ooh, what a cozy place! Hubby and I would have a great time together sipping coffee and chatting on a patio like that!


Dan Walsh said...

Cindy - Thanks, can hardly wait for Sept, no idea what to expect.

Kel - Cindi and I really love every minute out there. Course, if you're in Tucson, better be prepared for a little humidity.