lynn austin

Lynn Austin's books have won eight Christy Awards, and her novel Hidden Places became a Hallmark movie starring Shirley Jones. Lynn gardens near Chicago where a beautiful crab apple tree blossoms outside her office window in the spring, and the season’s first robins come to eat the leftover fruit. "In the summer, I enjoy watching the sparrow family that has built a nest there," says Lynn. "In the fall, the leaves turn a gorgeous shade of yellowish-orange, and I often hear Canada geese honking as they fly over on their way south. This space has provided many happy hours with family and friends." Lynn's garden space also has a flowerbed with beautiful tulips, given to her by friends and readers in the Netherlands. "We planted the grape arbor a few years ago, and I make grape jelly from its fruit. Spread on warm toast, it’s a little taste of summer when the snow piles up." Read more at

Lynn's office.


Lynn Austin said...

Thank you so much for featuring me and my garden! Hope you all enjoy my newest book, "Return to Me"

Deborah Raney said...

Great to have you here, Lynn! Your garden spot is so welcoming!