sharon k. souza

Sharon K. Souza is the author of Every Good & Perfect Gift and Lying on Sunday, both contemporary women's novels. She and her husband, Rick, became engaged 15 days after meeting (!) and have been married more than forty years. They have three grown children (one who now resides in heaven), and seven grandchildren. Sharon's garden spot is in northern California, but she has traveled with Rick to Mexico, Japan, South Africa and Jamaica, where he is involved in physically and strategically building the kingdom of God. Rick has experienced Siberia in December, been robbed in Colombia, and been called in for questioning by the authorities in Cuba. While Rick lives the adventure, Sharon is satisfied to create her own through her fiction. For more about Sharon, go to

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squiresj said...

Hi - remember me - Jane Squires
Been some time. I sure would like to read and review your book. I post on about 7 sites.
God Bless.
Ron is about to retire and then he can give even more time to Royal Rangers. We changed churches in Sept. and he is still Sectional Commander and helping in new church but not Senior Commander.
Since we talked I've had two grandchildren. Connor is 1 year old and lives in Ohio. Aurora is 5 months old and close by. If you do facebook look me up and you can see pictures of them. I also have two step-grandchildren.
jrs362 at hotmail dot com