kim vogel sawyer

Kansas author Kim Vogel Sawyer runs a lovely bed & breakfast with her husband, Don, so when her family—three daughters and their families, including a growing brood of grandchildren—is otherwise occupied, Kim's garden is shared with guests of The King's Inn. Kim is the bestselling, award-winning author of historical and contemporary novels, many of them set in Kansas. Her books include The Sommerfeld Trilogy and her newest title, When Hope Blossoms. More at:


Kim's office on the 2nd floor of The King's Inn
boasts her signature purple decor.

(And one of the inn's four resident cats.)


Joy said...

What a pretty fountain...and your
kids are adorable!

Kim Sawyer said...

Thanks, Joy. That fountain was actually in MY backyard, but hubby hated mowing around it. He planned to take it to the dump, but daddy took it instead...thankfully! The grandboys do enjoy playing in it. And thanks for confirming my own belief that my little guys are awfully cute! :o)

God bless~