dave & neta jackson

Dave & Neta Jackson—husband-and-wife, best friends, and writing team—may be familiar from their series of 40 Trailblazer Books, historical novels for young readers about Christian heroes, or from Neta's Yada Yada Prayer Group series of women's fiction. In recent years they've tried something new: “parallel novels,” two stories taking place in the same time frame, same neighborhood, involving some of the same characters living through their own dramas, but interacting with and affecting one another...just the way it happens in real life.
Neta's Where Do I Go? is the first book in the Yada Yada House of Hope series, and Dave's Harry Bentley's Second Chance is a Yada Yada Brothers Novel. Their new Windy City Neighbors series draws on their own experience living in Chicago. Dave—who grew up in the country—especially enjoys his vegetable garden in the city, working on it with his grandson, and having space for neighbors to gather under the trees in their side yard. Find out more about Dave and Neta at www.daveneta.com
Dave and Neta enjoying a Virginia mountain stream.

Dave and Neta share a sunny office that overlooks their Chicago neighborhood.


Susan Stitch said...

What a great yard for entertaining! Looks like a fun party!

Jo said...

What a fantastic big yard for entertaining. I have loved the Yada Yada series and have now gone on to read the first book of the continuing and Dave's book as well.