anita higman

Anita Higman is a CBA bestselling, award-winning author. She has written or co-authored more than 30 books and plays, has written for radio and advertising, and is recognized for her contribution to literacy while serving on the board of directors of Literacy Advance of Houston. She loves good movies, exotic teas, brunch with friends, and gardening with her husband in Houston, Texas. "My husband and I are building our retirement home, a small fairytale house in the woods. The fa├žade will be brick and stone, with an Old World-look chimney, tower, and storybook iron gates. Inside it will have its own secret hiding place as well as a creepy passageway upstairs. My mother read me fairytales when I was a kid, and happily, I guess I never recovered. We’ve been making nature trails through the woods, and little park areas here and there—places to pray, imagine, and refresh." See sneak peek photo of the wooded area below, and learn more about Anita at

Anita's office in her Houston home.


Elizabeth Dent said...

Anita , I love your blog . I to love flowers and gardening .
I love the pretty patio and walkways with the flowers and rocks . I llove all kind of flowers . Your blog is beautiful as your writing is . I love your books and plan on reading more . Thanks for the site .

Norma S said...

Hi Anita,
I love you different flowers and your patio with the flowers,and your beautiful blue rocks and other rocks landscape, all of it is so beautiful. I use to have a flower garden and flowers on my patio also in every room in my house, until i took sick and couldn't take care of them. Your blog is really nice i love it.

Anonymous said...

Thanks. I do love working in my garden. You're right. This is a great blog. I wish it were mine. But this blog belongs to another author...Deborah Raney. Thanks, Deb, for featuring me on your garden spot blog. It's an honor to be here.
Higman Hugs,