roxanne henke

Roxanne Henke is the author of the beloved Coming Home to Brewster series that began with After Anne. Roxy gardens in a small town in North Dakota where the "national holiday" is Sauerkraut Day, and summers are short, but sweet, and often spent at their lake home in Minnesota. Roxy and husband, Lorren, have two daughters and two small grandchildren. Her newest novel is On a Someday, a story about the joys and challenges of the empty nest, and follows The Secret of Us and Learning to Fly. Find Roxy's books HERE.

Putting the boat in the lake.

Roxy's favorite office is on the deck at the lake.


Ane Mulligan said...

I don't see a sign of that cactus you transplanted, Roxy! :o)

Susan said...

What a lovely portrait of you with your garden of beautiful flowers! I really enjoy reading your books.

Kathy Burnett said...

I love your books. Can't wait to read On a Someday. Your yard looks peaceful

Anonymous said...

Brewster series: what has been written since book 4 "Always Jan"?
I don't know if I can stand the whole weekend without starting book 5!