nikki arana

Nikki Arana’s newest title, The Next Target, due out in June 2012, is about a woman inspired to evangelize Muslims and her efforts to protect them from the Satanic directive of Sharia law to kill anyone who converts from Islam to Christianity. It is inspired by a true story. Her first three novels make up the Regalo Grande series, set alternately in Guadalajara, Mexico and California wine country. Nikki and her husband, Antonio, live in the Pacific Northwest.  Visit Nikki's website at

Nikki's office at home.


Gramma said...

Oh how I envy you those beautiful tomato plants. I love veggie gardening but it's toohot here in the Rio Grande valley to have much of a garden. And those red flowers are beautiful.

Jean Kincaid

Debra Ullrick said...

Okay, Nikki, call me ignorant, but are those limes you're holding?

Love the flowers too.

I'm just learning about gardening, so this site is really making me want to run out and buy plants.

Debra Ullrick

Nikki said...

Hey, those are green apples, just starting to ripen! I live in Idaho and our growing season is REALLY short. It's May 10 and my roses doen't even have leaves yet. I'm going to send some new pictures when they bloom. Pretty nervy of Tammy to run over to Giverny, France and pretend she's standing in her yard.