ruth axtell

Ruth Axtell loves writing about the 19th century, whether it’s Regency or late Victorian England. Ruth studied comparative literature at Smith College, spending her junior year at the Sorbonne in Paris. After college, she taught English in the Canary Islands, then worked in international development in Miami before moving to the Netherlands, where for the next several years she juggled writing and raising her three children. With the publication of Her Good Name, she returned to coastal Maine in the 1890s. For Ruth, gardening (both vegetable and flower) is a source of inspiration in Downeast Maine and something to look forward to during the winter months. Visit Ruth online at

Ruth stops at a sidewalk café
while in Paris on a research trip.

A view of Ruth's garden when she lived in Holland.

Ruth's office-with-a-view in her Maine home.


Eileen Astels Watson said...

Aren't daisies wonderful! They grow like weeds in my garden, I'm constantly thinning them. Not because I don't love them, but because my gardens are too small for all that want to grow there.

Your gardens are beautiful! Thanks for sharing!

Ruth Axtell Morren said...

Hi Eileen,
Yes, I love daisies. Do you remember in the movie, You've Got Mail, how Meg Ryan's favorite flowers are daisies?
Thanks for writing.

Amber S. said...

Your flowers are very lovely! I love You've Got Mail...that was such a sweet part, when Tom Hanks brought Meg Ryan her favorite flowers when she was sick :) Thanks for sharing the pictures!