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Gardens are Patti Hill's bread and butter, literally. Her husband, Dennis, owns a garden center in Colorado where gardens are beautiful even in winter. Just like the main character of her books, Patti's garden is in a constant state of flux. "There's always room for one more flower," is her gardening motto, and she breaks for all botanical gardens. Her first novel Like a Watered Garden, part of the Garden Gates series, was a 2006 Christy Award finalist. Patti's newest is Goodness & Mercy. Find her home on the Web at


Amber S. said...

What lovely pictures! I really like the cover of your book. And your picket fence is charming! We have a white picket fence, too, and they are so cozy and quaint! And I wouldn't mind reading a book or two as you are in that picture! Looks like fun!

Susan Stitch said...

What a perfect little reading nook! the rosy red flowers are beautiful -- what are they? And every garden should have a white picket fence in my opinion! Thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

Oh, so beautiful.
I can tell you love to garden and do it often.
I would love to sit in such a special place.
Thanks for sharing,
Wanda Chamberlain

Patti Hill said...

Susan, I think you're referring to the Japanese Iris. These beauties grow in the broadway strip--between sidewalk and street--and people stop their cars to look at them. They're translucent when the sun hits them just right, so they glow red hot.

Thanks to Amber and Wanda for leaving comments. There's nothing like a visit to a garden. Thanks for stopping by!

Patti Hill